Grumpy Wizards

Grumpy wizards indeed.

As an aspiring UX/UI junky , and since the addition of Google web fonts – I love styling the typography of a site. Really begins to bring any site I have worked on to life.

While the rest of a site or application might be in tune or look exquisite, the right typography will only enhance the experience, while choosing a not so accommodating font, can wreak havoc.

One of my personal favorites is “Coustard” as seen here on the website. A Coop’ look-a-like if you will. The Coop’ Black font (yes I am avoiding TM issues by half-assing the font name.)  is one my favs with its nostalgic feel, that throwback local baseball shirt, or bowling team. I used it on an MP3 cover I did here for one of my mixes. See pic. Or listen to the mix here too.

March Mix mp3 cover

Hawthorne March Mix

March Mix by Hawthorne_Music on Mixcloud

So the moral of the story is don’t be afraid to try new combinations of fonts, or even go against the current when everyone else  wants to be in a world of skinny fonts to match their jeans. Don’t be ashamed of some “font-weight” . Strut your curvy, large, fontness around!

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