Why Paper?

Why paper? Or books? Why records or analog synths? Because it feels good. Thats why.

There is something about analog that holds true to the air quote ORGANIC air quote feel. While I was once a vinyl sleuth and a hoarder of books and even a few synths in my hay day, they are subject to the same things all organic stuff are subject to. Age. Shelf life.

Sometimes this can be advantageous. Even fun or retrospective. Being a child of the 80’s its fun to see old toys of my past be worth something to another grown person today. Trendy because it is reminiscent of our fun childhoods. Enjoyable because the warm organic feel , that many things lack in todays digitale` world.  (  Please put on your French beret ‘s .)

Ode to analog stuff, and farewell to youth. Reign in the new, and hello digital goodness.

Post your favorite 80’s toy in the comments, and maybe a link to a pic.