Who is Jace Whitten?

Who is this guy? This random guy on the internet.

Jace in the rain in 2000

Why its none other than Mr Jace Whitten. Young business owner, aspiring entrepreneur and beard connoisseur. Enjoys long walks on the beach and romantic paperback novels. Loves a well executed UI or javascript visual. Can’t get enough tech, but its definately sickening at times.

I was born in Grants Pass, OR. A small sleepy town off the I-5 freeway. Tucked away in a beautiful valley , obscured from the rest of world.

Spent a lot of time in the wilderness and the northern California Bay Area. Learned to scratch and DJ at the ripe young age of 18.  First set up was 6 milk crates, some plywood , 2 Numark direct drive tables and a Vestax 2 channel mixer.  Currently use the 4 channel Pioneer SX and Serato. ( *tear – no more vinyl.)

I have always been a creative junkie trying my hand at all kinds of mediums, from clay, to watercolor, music and film.  Highly addicted to technology, while sometimes my wallet won’t let me, I crave a lot of plastic, solder and silicon.

Currently I am attempting to run my own business, learning more about programming in C# as well as understand the new world of UX/ UI  as the visual landscape changes each day.

And when I am not busy wearing myself thin – I practice regularly at being a human and attempting acts of kindness.

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