New Age Of Marketing

In the last year I have become a huge fan of witty, and humorous advertising. From keyboard kitty to explosions and internet memes, its all fun.

Although leave one to ponder, is the marketing team genius, or wasting money making funny videos? Sounds fun huh. While I enjoy a good laugh, do the CEO’s that review this find them funny or cute? Do they scoff, and think marketing might need to be “reigned in”? Or are they more like

“These wacky kids and their ideas, bah. Whatever sells Jim!”

With sites and slogans like its so F n Easy, or right Booking now. How can one ignore them?

One recent site, and great marketing is this awesome shave site –

Shameless plug indeed. But why not, their razor blades are from space. How can you not like them? As a beard-o and shaving enthusiast, I enjoy the feeling of a hot, close shave. The feeling of a job well done, the smoothness commands attention and the look’s from the ladies is well received. Even if a 50 yard restraining order is in effect.

Market on you youthful bunch. May your jeans stay skinny, and your scarf never choke you.

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