The “Roll-your-own” hipster CSS

So recently I decided to use Bootstrap CSS, again for a side project I was working on in MVC4. Which by the way was shelved after a few months. But for important matters, like a paying client or two, (smiley emote goes here.)

So back to Bootstrap. I am beginning to loath that term, that bland buzzword. Lean this, skinny that, greek this, and Bootstrap this on …While I like it, they have shown again what happens when one becomes well versed in a library, they change it. Seen in Drupal 7, Joomla, many other platforms, and now Bootstrap 3. Sorry guys we goofed, so we re-wrote a bunch of stuff. My biggest gripe is relearning some of the classes. Steps back my speed a peg or two while readjusting to the new class="col-lg-1" format versus the nice and smooth class="span1", less clickys on ye ol’ keyboard in my opinion.

However, I will say it has made developing a front end faster, a website or application – faster. Standardizing some of the web one day at time. But, what happens in a utopian Internet, where everything is clean, responsive, and bound by the HOA of the Internet to maintain that sidebar with a set amount of links per /div ?

Link to Bootstrap CSS, just because. At least check it out. They have inspired several other clone CSS libraries. Simply search, and you can find a ton of them out there.

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